This has become a favourite, based on a combination of fit, neck line (a shallow V) and fabric. It feels soft, silky and supple against the skin (it sounds mad, but not all base layers achieve all that). The polypropylene helps punch moisture away from the skin, while the nylon gives durability and keeps odour levels down, although it also retains more moisture than polpypro. For the fi rst 10 or so washes this was virtually smell-free, but I’ve worn it so regularly that it now needs freshening up at the end of a busy day. The cut is close but not tight, allowing freedom of movement while keeping the fi bres in contact for moisture collection. There are no side seams to abrade, and shoulder and arm seams are fl at-locked. As with X-Bionic and Odlo, it has diff erent constructions across the body – ribbed, meshed, jersey – for ‘climate control’. Because the top is so lightweight, it is comfortable in warm weather and drying time is reasonable (slower than polypro or polyester, faster than nylon or wool). And, it’s not see-through, even in white.