These comfortable socks are a good way to keep your feet dry if your footwear isn’t waterproof, says Chris Townsend.

Waterproof socks are a good way to keep your feet dry if your footwear isn’t waterproof. I also like them for camping – they warm up the feet far more quickly than standard socks. In my experience they don’t usually stay waterproof for long though. Even then they are windproof, and this can still be a boon when wearing footwear with large mesh panels in cold winds.

Since last autumn I’ve been EDZ mid-calf length waterproof socks. So far, they’ve remained waterproof. How long they’ll remain so I should find out over the next year.

The socks are stretchy with tough-feeling outers and soft dense terry-loop inners. Comfort is good and they fit well. Warmth is good too. I’ve worn them in non-waterproof footwear with mesh panels on cold, sodden ground and in snow and my feet have felt fine. I suspect I may find them too warm in the summer. Some rubbing is visible on the heels on the outside, but the inners are fine.

The weight is low and the price reasonable for waterproof socks. As well as wearing them when it’s wet, I’ll be carrying them for campwear to see how they last. I like them.

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