This is the simplest garment tested and also the cheapest and almost the lightest (the Montane Slipstream weighs 10 grams less). Features are minimal – a reasonably long neck zip, a high collar and elasticated cuff s and hem. No hood, no pockets. It’s not very long either and the elasticated hem means it tends to ride up a little. The double-fabric collar is snug and keeps the heat in while the front zip allows for adequate ventilation. The elastic at the cuff s is very stretchy and the sleeves can easily be pushed up. The fabric is quite tough. The reason for choosing this windproof is the very low weight and bulk (it rolls up to the size of a tennis ball). If features are more important then there are plenty of alternatives but they all weigh more except for the Montane Slipstream – and that costs over twice as much and is made of thinner fabric. As a basic windproof that does the job of cutting the wind and nothing more, the Ultrashell can’t be beaten.