This is my first exposure to EDZ, a brand based in Cumbria who have “been making functional performance clothing since 1995”. Their main thrust is base layers, including a new merino range. This top uses a fi ne merino, a little heavier than Smartwool’s Microweight and lighter than Icebreaker’s Quest. It feels just like Smartwool’s Microweight against skin: slightly coarse, and most likely due to short, albeit fine, fibres. I can see the tiny fi bre ends on the inside of the garment, even after several washes. It shrunk very slightly after several washes at 40°C. Performance: fast wicking, moisture retention, slow drying compared with synthetics, no odour. The cut is quite close, with off set side seams and Raglan shoulders, all fl at-locked. The crew neck is comfortable although higher than Smartwool’s, and there is plenty of length, with generous ‘give’ in the fabric. It is a versatile top based on its ability to layer but is a little warmer to wear than the Smartwool pointelle Microweight. Still, a good choice for wool fans at a competitive price.