Like the other purification systems here, it is claimed the filter on this bottle kills 99.9 per cent of contaminants. It’s a brilliant system that allows you to fill up the bottle from a stream (or whatever) and drink it straight through the nozzle like any sports water bottle. It’s extremely simple, but actually quite innovative. The filter, which is attached to the lid, uses nano-technology to stop the nasty things getting through. Just scoop up the water, clean the bottle, and screw the lid on. The bottle is durable. If I was being picky, I’d have liked to be able to squeeze the water out more easily so I could fill a full bladder quickly at the water source. For day trips, this 75cl bottle is all I take, and they are planning new styles and sizes of bottles. A filter lasts 200 litres (two replacement filters cost £15). More products are planned.

First published: July 2013