This is a very light and packable filter from Sawyer. The filter can be attached to Sawyer’s own squeezy bottles or to most plastic water bottles. Sawyer have also introduced a hydration pack adapter that means you don’t need to take it out from your bag. It’s a more flexible system than the Water-to-Go bottle, and Sawyer claim that, with care, the filter never needs to be changed (“1 million gallons guaranteed”, according to the blurb). The recommended use is to fill the pouches provided with water, attach the filter and then either drink directly through the filter, or decant it into another bottle. However, the latter takes a bit of time and quite some squeezing – if you have time you can rig up a system that allows gravity to do the work. A filter and one squeeze pouch only weighs 125g and is very packable. The full kit includes three water pouches, water filter, drinking spout and a cleaning syringe.

First published: July 2013