Nice and light, and roomy – even in my nemesis Large size (see reviews below) – these have been my go-to over-trousers this summer for no other reason than they’re light weight and occupy minimal pack space.

Unlike one or two other featured pairs of over-trousers, I wouldn’t wear them over shorts – the inner face is somewhat cold and plasticky for that – but otherwise they’ve been comfortable, with only the slightest pull down my rear thigh. A spacious upper section allows the pants to be pulled up your back for better protection, if necessary.

Their calf-high side zip allows the trousers to be pulled on-and-off over boots with relative ease though the Velcro-tabbed ankle closure can be pulled open by constant vegetation abrasion. The fabric isn’t the most rugged; I envisage these will succumb to abrasive rocks and vegetation after time so the affordability of replacements is a plus.