Low cost and fairly lightweight, these gloves are suitable for all but the coldest winter weather. They are warmer than softshell gloves but not as warm as thick insulated ones. The palm and fingers are well-reinforced with the PVC material curling over the finger tips so there are no seams to abrade there. The gloves have a gauntlet shape but also a stretch knit cuff . I tried them with several jackets and found it awkward to get a good seal with most of them because the knit cuff has to go inside. However, the fairly wide non-adjustable section outside is hard to tuck in sleeves unless they are wider than average. I also found that when my hands were wet they stuck to the lining, making the gloves a little hard to get on, and when I removed wet hands the lining pulled away from the finger tips. I wouldn’t like to have to deal with this with cold, wet hands in a blizzard.