These are lightweight flexible boots suitable for most walking outside of long steep snow slopes. Cushioning and grip are okay, though the tread is slightly shallower than on alternatives which might mean it wears down more quickly. The heel is quite firm for support. The toe is reinforced but isn’t as hard as some. The removable footbed is flat rather than shaped – which is fine as the shaping on most footbeds isn’t supportive anyway. In cold weather breathability is okay while the Outdry membrane, uniquely directly bonded to the outer layer, keeps out rain and snow. The mesh should mean that these hiking boots are more breathable than others with membranes in hot weather. The lacing, via fabric loops and eyelets, is a little awkward to open wide, which I need to do to get the boots on. A few hooks would be better. The fit is just okay for me as long as I only wear thin socks. A little wider at the toes and I’d be happy to wear them for any walking when there wasn’t much snow around.