The FL20R Head-Torch is a basic design with large white LED and small red LEDs. The simple hinge has good tension and range of movement. Inside the gasket-sealed battery compartment is a micro USB-rechargeable battery pack, which can be swapped out for AAA batteries. A single, large, easy-to-press button cycles through modes; there is no instant off, but it is easy to remember how to use it. Unusually, it cycles between medium, high, and then low and red.

Although the FL20R Head-Torch beam is advertised as ‘flood’, it’s hard-edged and not as broad as others. The 430lm mode doesn’t last long before declining to something more like 200lm; lumens for low and medium aren’t specified, but I’d guess around 20lm and 200lm respectively. Red mode is a very tight spot (not that useful). Battery life
is acceptable for occasional general use but it only lasts 2-3 hours on high beam.
I was able to get more than the advertised 19 hours on low beam, though. Spare rechargeable batteries are only £7.95.

I like the strap: broad and perforated, with silicone stripes for grippiness plus big reflective stripes for visibility. A buckle allows you to hang the torch from a branch.

Construction is basic and the plastic feels a little cheap compared to others. It’s proven durable so far, though. The price seems high for the features offered. 

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