These brown leather sandals have a rather old-fashioned, traditional look though the technology used is just as modern as with other models. The sole is quite stiff and not as curved as some other models. The footbed is smooth suede but is made of memory foam that holds the impression of your feet, which is good for comfort and keeping the feet in place. Cushioning is okay but not as good as on some sandals. The tread grips well on some surfaces – rock, grass – but the densely-packed pentagonal dots aren’t so good on wet soil and mud as they easily clog up compared with more open patterns.

The upper is comfortable and the straps have a good range of adjustability and soft linings. The instep straps are stiffened to hold them in position. Drying time is slower than with synthetic sandals but still quite fast.

The weight and price of the Mayans are both quite high. For casual use and gentle terrain these are fi ne but I’d prefer a better grip for the hills.