Brasher’s long-established Hillmaster hiking boots have been updated to give “improved fit, performance and enhanced comfort”. As they have always fitted me well all I can say about the fit is that it’s still fine. The big change is a new sole unit which has PU rather than EVA for cushioning, which should prove more durable. The tread is slightly shallower but Brasher says it is actually harder wearing than the previous one. Other changes are memory foam pads in the collar and tongue, a repositioned locking hook for the laces and a redesigned shape for the collar and tongue. I didn’t notice that any of these made any difference to the comfort, which was always excellent. I suspect the foam pads will make the boots warmer in summer. A change I don’t like is replacing the leather lining with a fabric one as I’ve always found the leather protected the Gore-Tex membrane better than the fabric in other boots. The new Hillmasters are a little heavier – I checked my notes and the ones I wore on my continuous round of the Munros and Tops were 217 grams lighter – but not enough to make much difference.