It’s rare that I dislike a Scarpa boot, and Mythos Tech is no exception. Construction is top-notch, with soft Nubuck leather on boot and cuff, a sturdy rubber rand and a chunky sole. The tongue has fabric bellows to reduce bulk, with leather where it’s needed against lacing pressure. The lacing lock on this boot is wonderful: it allows you to adjust the forefoot then lock that off, and amend the heel and ankle lacing as you like. It’s effective, and well done. Fit is quite roomy, including the heelbox, which is reinforced to give a positive grip. Despite the soft flex (to my surprise, these were the softest in the handflex test) and moderate weight, they feel a little clumpy on my feet; there’s not much rocker on the boot, which might explain it. They’re also very warm, and I would not be inclined to wear them in anything but wintery conditions. But they have the usual Scarpa out-of-the-box comfort, and worked well with strap-on crampons, as well as in snow and mud. A lovely pair of walking boots with a moderate to wide fit, especially if you have another pair for the other three seasons.

First published: April 2013