Meindl are rightly proud of their Memory Foam System (MFS), a reticulated foam which is intended to mould the inside of the boot to your foot, creating a customised fit. It is placed around the heel, Achilles, ankles and along the foot to the ball and toes. I honestly can’t tell you if it works because these hiking boots were comfortable from the start: whether that was luck or the MFS kicking in, who knows. Fit is ‘moderate’ at the front, with a femalefriendly heelbox. They were the best of all worlds: supportive, protective, cushioned without being remote from the ground. Weight is fine, and a gentle rocker makes them feel light and intuitive for all-terrain walking. Lateral stiffness was appreciated on a hard-snow hike, and they worked with crampons and snowshoes, as well as on moderate ground. The cuff is high at the back but wasn’t restrictive (plus, the Gore-Tex heel lining is seamless). The rubber rand is also high at the back, so I never felt pressure from a crampon harness. The tongue has soft leather bellows and smooth, firm lace adjustment, including a central hook to anchor the top lace cross. A genuine four-season boot.

First published: April 2013