The Serac Clip crampons were given our ‘Recommended Buy’. Here’s why 

These are the crampons to choose if you want to do some mountaineering routes as well as hillwalking. Black Diamond say they are suitable for ‘moderate technical’ climbs. To that end they have 12 very sharp points. They’re available with three different binding systems – Pro with a metal front bail and rear clip for stiff climbing boots with welts, Clip with a front cable and rear clip for mountain boots with a rear welt or groove, and Strap with front and rear straps for non-technical footwear.

I tried the Clip, which is very easy to put on and feels very secure. The heel bail has a micro adjustment for a precise fit. The Serac is made from stainless steel so it won’t rust, which means less care is needed than with other crampons. Crampons do get wet! Although the Serac is flexible and the Strap binding will fit flexible footwear, I think it’s a waste of its capabilities to just use it as a walking crampon.

This is a crampon for steeper slopes and prolonged use on hard snow and ice. For stiff or semi-stiff boots with a rear welt the Serac Clips are excellent. For most hillwalkers I think they’re rather more than is needed, especially given the high price and the weight.