Wow. This thing whiffs. Berghaus claim “permanent odour resistance through the use of silver ion technology” but honestly, I could have stalled a charging elephant with this top. And that was about 20 minutes after I put it on. The problem was, I could never get past the pong, so while I was making notes about moisture movement and comfort, I kept thinking, “yes, but…”. Since you ask, moisture movement is good thanks to mesh panels which run from wrist to hem via the undearms. Drying time on the torso (non-mesh sector) is slower than I expected, probably due to the dense jersey knit but still not bad – on a level with nylon and much faster than wool. The length of body and sleeves is spot-on, the zip descends to bra-level and vents well. The collar is a good height and the zip is comfortable despite not being baffl ed. Seams are fl at-locked and there is masses of stretch. But – and it could just be me, although I doubt it – there’s no escaping the odour factor.