I haven’t taken to this jacket at all. It has some nice features – the narrow baffles to keep the down in place, for instance – but there’s little else I like about it and little to suggest it’s got outdoor activities in mind. First thing you notice is the fabric, which feels clammy to the touch; “like neoprene” I scribbled in the freezer. Secondly, the fit is too close and restrictive. A selection of Large and Extra Large jackets were submitted for the feature but of them all, this Extra Large was the tightest. The hand pockets are small – you could rest a mittened hand inside but not allow it to relax – and the zipped internal pocket is barely big enough to hold the necessary winter accessories like gloves, hat and scarf you’d want easily to-hand. The hem drawcord is welcome but is located externally. Most importantly, I didn’t find the jacket particularly warm.