The problem with most thick, warm mitts is that they’re either on or off . Yet sometimes you only need the outer protection, sometimes just the insulation. Berghaus has solved this with these new mitts as the shell and inner can be used separately. Together they form a tough, weather-resistant, very warm mitt suitable for the worst winter weather. If the combination is too warm just the shell can be worn, on its own or over a liner glove. If you don’t need the toughness and waterproofness of the shell just the inner can be worn. This has a windproof outer but no reinforcements. Both layers are comfortable. The inner attaches to the shell by Velcro at the cuff when the two are worn together. The mitts are quite long and can be pulled over jacket sleeves. The slick inner material means they can be easily pulled on over wet hands. Pair with liner gloves and you have a complete system for all conditions. The price is quite high but you are effectively buying two pairs.