Chris Townsend finds this bamboo top comfortable in the heat

BAM’s Classic Jersey fabric is designed to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the winter. I can’t speak to the latter as this T-shirt only arrived this summer but I can confirm the former. It’s kept me comfortable in some very hot weather, including on some steep sweaty ascents. The fabric is very soft and stretchy and feels very comfortable next to the skin. It’s made from a viscose bamboo/organic cotton mix with a little elastane thrown in to give if that stretch.

The fabric does absorb sweat – bamboo viscose is three times more absorbent than cotton – but unlike 100% cotton it doesn’t feel cold and clammy. The sweat quickly moves through the garment to the outside so the layer next to the skin feels fairly dry. It doesn’t dry anything as fast as a synthetic wicking fabric but it is far more comfortable. Sitting in a tent in the evening it has dried out in a few hours.

Like other viscose garments I’ve tried the Kagu doesn’t smell after prolonged use. I wore it for a week to test this!  BAM points out that needing to wash it less often saves water and energy and reduces the release of micro-fibres. BAM is keen on sustainability  – it aims to reduce negative impacts to zero by 2030 – and publishes and annual impact report.

The Kagu has a short zip at the neck, which is good for ventilation, and a double-layer collar. I think it’s an excellent hot weather top.