Nigor is a Dutch company new to the UK. The Zero G pack, the first Nigor product I’ve seen, is clearly based on GoLite’s popular Jam pack. However Nigor has beefed the design up with a frame and a lid. The frame means there’s more support for the load and also makes loading the pack easier. The Zero G is lightweight but tough, as it’s made from Dyneema, one of the most durable fabrics for packs.

The back system is supportive, with the rigid frame transferring the load to the wide hipbelt. The Zero G handles 15kg comfortably. It’s close-fitting and very stable. There’s a large mesh-covered foam pad on the back which feels comfortable and reduces the amount of dampness that forms.

The frame and the internal foam pad can be removed to make the pack even lighter when carrying small loads. This still leaves the external padding on the back for comfort. While the internal foam pad can be used as a sit-mat, I found it impossible to get it back into a loaded pack. Better to just sit on the pack!

The Zero G has plenty of useful pockets. The big zipped one on the back holds lots of gear. However I wouldn’t put anything heavy in here as too much weight this far from the back pulls the pack away from the body and makes it less comfortable to carry. I’ve used it for clothing – waterproofs, hats, gloves, windshirt. The angled mesh side pockets are good for water bottles and are accessible when wearing the pack.

The Zero G is excellent. I do have one minor criticism though. The lid closes with two buckles but these are set high up on the pack so if it isn’t full the lid flops down and can’t be fully tightened. There are clips at the back of the lid for reducing the volume but these are tiny and fiddly to use – almost impossible with cold fingers. This isn’t a major problem but the pack would be better if the lid buckles were further down the body.

First published: March 2014