The challenge Aquapac set themselves was to produce a full waterproof backpack that is equally comfortable as a regular day pack. And they’ve mostly succeeded. The back isn’t the most comfortable, for sure. There’s a padded area at the bottom and the top, and the rest your back is against 500D Vinyl that means it will be sweaty. There’s a thin webbing hipbelt that doesn’t take much support either. This is not one for heavy loads. And it could have done with adjustment straps at the top of the shoulder straps. However, negatives out of the way, this is still a brilliant pack and one I’ve used a lot recently. It’ll be what paddlers, sea cliff climbers and group leaders will have waited for – something that will guarantee dry clothing and first aid kits. I’ve worn it on a bike commute too, and could sense the jealously from other cyclists! There are two mesh pockets, but they’re too small for a bottle of any size. Some webbing allows extras to be stashed too. The closure has a roll-down seal. If you’ll be somewhere wet, this is an excellent bag at an exceptional price, but not one for heavy loads.

First published: Aug 2014