The Axios 50 is a lightweight pack with plenty of features and a harness that will support loads up to 16kg. The thick foam padded back has a curved shape and is comfortable against the back while the framesheet, which has a metal frame embedded in it, transfers the weight to the shaped hipbelt. The pack is made from diff erent weights of nylon and while it is quite substantial on the front it is quite thin on the sides. Access to gear is excellent as there’s a long curving zip on one side plus very roomy pockets. The hydration sleeve is on the side, which I fi nd far more useful than against the frame as on most packs. The twin lid pockets have zips on top rather than at the sides and the front pouch has a zip right down it as well as top access. With these pockets the capacity is more than 50 litres when compared with other packs and I had room to spare on a two-night backpacking trip. The weight is low but the price on the high side.