RouteBuddy is primarily digital mapping software that is downloaded on to desktops (Windows and Mac), but it also has an iPhone app (Android is planned for 2013). The maps that are downloaded on your Mac or PC are transferred to your phone (the only app to do this), however the initial process of uploading the maps could be more straightforward. RouteBuddy are, however, working on an easy synch that will also lead to new features early this year. Nevertheless the instructions are easy to follow, and once the maps are on your phone the interface is very easy to use – probably the most intuitive of all the mapping tool apps. The GPS window has a compass, altitude and the grid reference, plus an accuracy monitor. A nice touch is being able to lock the window while still seeing the map. It’s a good app with superb back-end software from a company that is always moving – one of the reasons it won our Innovation of the Year at the recent TGO awards.