This is an interesting app from Mammut, and one of the few that give mountain specific information. Mammut, a Swiss company, focuses on alpine mountains, but most of it is relevant to the UK winter hillwalking. It is best used as a portal really, and one that will point you in the right direction for things like avalanche advice abroad. There’s also a ‘Risk Check’ device that asks all the questions you should be asking when assessing risk of avalanche on a mountain. As part of this is a clinometer which measures the slope of an angle using the iPhone’s in-built level. Scottish avalanche bulletins link through to the sportscotland Avalanche Information Service (SAIS). Mammut also produce a fun ‘Packing List’ app – something I’ve already found useful (I always forget something). You select the type of activity such as ‘overnight camp’ and it produces a list of items you may require.