Lightweight and low cost, the Alpkit Ordos 2 performed well in Chris Townsend’s test of two-person tents for the May 2021 issue of The Great Outdoors. Read the full review here.

The Ordos 2 is a solidly made tent at a low weight. It’s a tapered wedge shape with the door at the high end. The inner clips onto a hub-connected three-part pole and can be pitched very quickly. The floor tapers to the rear but is wide enough for two mats. Headroom in the centre is reasonable but the walls slope in and there’s only room for one occupant to sit up comfortably. The porch is just big enough to store packs and wet gear, though these need to be moved when cooking. Whilst two doors are better for two people, having the door at one end does mean no-one has to climb over the other to get in and out. The inner has a mesh panel at the rear, a mesh roof and a mesh door for ventilation. There’s a vent on the flysheet too.

The weight of the Ordos 2 makes this an attractive choice, as does the low price. It’s light enough for solo use (some solo tents weigh more) and adequate for two. I’d rather have something a little roomier and with two doors for regular use with two people; but if you want a tent for both solo and duo use the Ordos 2 would be a good choice.