As Black Friday draws closer, our team have started to put together some of the best deals we’ve found on products that we like. Take a look at all of the latest deals we’ve found for head torches.

As the nights get longer a head torch is a must. There’s no better time to look for one than in the Black Friday sales. Take a look at selection of the best deals below.

Petzl Actik Core

petzl actik core

The Petzl Actik Core head torch is on offer at Blacks where you can save 25%. The Actik Core appeared in our guide to The best head torches for hiking 2023 Our tester had this to say:

The Petzl Actik Core is a compact, easy-to-use head torch with a powerful output on full beam. During testing i found the Petzl Actik to have three power settings and a rechargeable battery that lasts around 2 hours. The torch has a lockable power button and a red, adjustable elastic cradle. It comes with a hybrid battery pack that can be replaced with AAA batteries. The head strap is comfortable and easy to adjust. The torch is IPX4 water-resistant and has a lockable power button. Although slightly more expensive than some competitors, it’s a worthwhile investment for reliable equipment.

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Silva Trail Runner Free Head Torch

SilvaTrail Runner Free Head Torch

Save 40% on the Silva Trail Runner Free at Blacks

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Ledlenser MH5 Rechargable Head Torch

best head torches for hiking: Ledlenser MH5

Save 40% on the Ledlenser MH5 at Decathlon 

This head torch appeared in our guide to The best head torches for hiking 2023. Here’s what our tester said:

This flashlight is designed to project a powerful, far-reaching spotlight beam with 400 lumens, allowing for a focused beam reaching nearly 200 meters. However, it falls short in flood mode, with a hard-edged quality that is less suitable for close-range tasks. The flashlight also has a limited battery life, with a 35-hour runtime on the low setting and a faster drain on the high setting. The battery life is only around half of the advertised 35 hours, and it only lasts about 2 hours on the high setting. While this flashlight is suitable for long-distance, tightly focused beam needs, it may not be suitable for close-range tasks.

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Black Diamond Storm 500-R

best head torches for hiking: Black Diamond Storm 500 R

Save 25% off the Black Diamond Storm 500-R at Trek Inn

The Storm 500-R got given the best in test award in our guide to the best head torches for hiking 2023. Here’s what out tester said about this head torch:

Black Diamond has launched a new range of head lamps with better specs and new features. Battery life is stellar, easily the best tested. I found it hard to kill even on medium setting, despite offering 250 lumens here (a great sweet spot). The IP67 rating makes it completely waterproof. Although the joint heaviest lamp I tested, it’s still relatively lightweight – fine for keeping in your pack over the summer.

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Silva Scout 3

Get 50% off the Silva Scout 3 headlamp. This is a brilliant budget option for anyone looking for a new head torch when walking the dog or for late evening walks. The Silva offers  2 semi high power LEDs of 220 lm, this Headlamp has both a long reach beam of 50m and a close range, wide beam so you can see the route ahead whilst also having a wide view ensuring you are able to react and stay safe even in the dark.

Get the Silva Scout 3 from Sportshoes here

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