In the June 2016 issue of The Great Outdoors Chris Townsend tested a range of bags for spring to autumn. Here’s how he got on with Vaude’s Cheyenne 500

The Cheyenne is quite low in price for a down bag but also quite heavy. The down is lower in fill power than the other bags tested and this is reflected in the thickness and the temperature ratings. It’s a standard mummy design with a hood that opens wide but which snugs well around the head and has a drawcord that’s easy to adjust. There’s a well-filled draft collar that also has an easy-to-use drawcord but the baffle behind the zip is a little thin and a little narrow. The bag is a little wider than some but it still turned over with me – and felt just as comfortable whatever position I was in.

Vaude says the down hasn’t been live-plucked and the birds are not forcefed. The DWR on the shell is PFC free. For the cost the Cheyenne 500 is good value for money. However the Vango Fuse -6 costs slightly less and is lighter weight and warmer.

Review published June 2016