There will always be compromises involved to make a camping chair ultralight, but Nemo have done an excellent job with the Nemo Moonlight Elite . Weighing in at 620g (including the carry wrap-around), this is an extremely lightweight chair. It rolls down into a very small package (32x10x8cm), using a wrap-around rather than a carry bag. The wrap-around doubles up as a weight spreading platform that attaches to the leg ends to help increase stability on soft ground. It works effectively, and very similar systems are used by some other ultralight chairs (for example the Helinox Chair Zero).

James Roddie Recommends

If you are willing to spend the money, then this is a superb chair with some innovative features.
  • Ultralight
  • Reclining back design
  • Expensive
Quick specs
Price: £179.99
Weight: 620g (with carry case)
Carrying capacity: 113kg
Seat height: 30cm
Pros: Ultralight, reclining back design.
Cons: Expensive.
Sizes: One size.         

Overall comfort is impressive for such a lightweight chair. The 30cm seat height feels low but this is to be expected for a chair of this weight. The standout feature is the reclining back system. This uses Dyneema chords to allow you to adjust the angle of the seat back. It works smoothly and easily, and in terms of comfort this system really makes this chair stand amongst ultralight chairs.

The only downside of this reclining system is that you have to be careful not to lean downwards on the chords at all as you sit down, or you risk collapsing the chair beneath you. Combined with the low seat height, this does mean that it can feel quite insecure lowering yourself into this chair at first. Ball and socket connectors are used to connect the poles to the seat, and this is a secure and well-constructed system. Assembling the chair is extremely fast and self-explanatory.

The materials used in the making of the Nemo Moonlight Elite are superb quality throughout, and this is definitely a chair that will withstand heavy usage. However at £179.99, this is an expensive product, and costs more than other chairs of a similar weight and comfort. If you are willing to spend the money however, then this is a superb chair with some innovative features.