This week on the Blogger Network, Kelly Hargie writes about an adventure in the Mourne Mountains.

Kally Hargie writes at Every Treasure, a blog ‘in search of the silver lining’. In her latest post, she tells the story of an adventure in the Mourne Mountains with her family:

We descended Meelmore alongside the Mourne Wall, an impressive structure which stretches 22-miles and passes over 15 mountains. We kept to the wall for the climb to the top of Meelbeg, where once again we were met with incredible views towards Slieve Doan and Lough Shannagh. It doesn’t get any better than that! The top of Meelbeg is a lovely place to stop and let the kids run around and explore, a wide and fairly flat expanse means they can run about and play until their hearts are content. In the case of our 3 crazies, pretending to hit stones with a stick and knock each other out! Meanwhile, Mum and Dad can lift off their rucksacks for a few minutes and enjoy a cup of coffee!

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