Today on the Blogger Network, Emily Woodhouse explores the disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to how adventure is presented online

Emily Woodhouse runs the blog Travelling Lines. She’s a Mountain Leader who blogs about walking, climbing, cycling, and all aspects of adventure. In her most recent post, she points out that everything is not always as it seems online – while someone’s life may seem perfect on paper (filled with adventure and glowing sunsets on Instagram), everyone has bad times, everyone has private struggles, and social media tends to only present the good and the glamorous.
I’m not sure exactly where I’m going with this, but I hope it’s made some of you out there feel better. Writing it has certainly made me feel more calm. Sometimes life is lived in a foggy haze and you just have to have the confidence to keep following that bearing until you get there. Even if you’ve got completely lost and are just walking North until you hit a road. That’s ok.
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