Chris Townsend tests Vaude’s sleeping option

Apart from The North Face Lynx, none of the sub-one-kilo bags are that warm and all are quite thin. The Navajo 250 has the thickest insulation, just, but I’d still only recommend it for warm sleepers and warm nights.

It’s quite a roomy bag so there’s room for clothing when necessary, which could be quite often. The fill is sewn-through but there’s a loose lining only sewn in round the edges that will cut some cold coming through the stitch-lines. The zip mostly runs quite smoothly but did snag a few times on the filled baffle on the inside.

The hood fits snugly. The bag would be warmer with more fill in the main body rather than these features, though. For backpackers, the low weight and bulk are attractive – just don’t expect to be warm on chilly nights.

The price is reasonable too, a full £55 less than the Lynx. However, for that £55 you get far more warmth for a weight increase of just 18 grams.