Our review of the Silva Trekking poles carbon

A lot of thought has gone into the Silva trekking poles carbon, which are lightweight, comfortable to use and exceptionally robust. It’s a three-section pole with a good range of adjustable height. The sections are connected using a flick lock system. It’s worth noting that the adjusters on these flick locks are by dial, rather than recessed Phillips screw head. This makes them easier to adjust in the field without a pocket tool, but also more prone to getting knocked or clogged up with mud. Height measurements are given on both lower sections of the pole, in both metric and imperial, which I found added to cognitive load unnecessarily… but preferences vary.

The cork handles are luxurious and provide excellent sweat management, but the grips are on the large size, even for my ‘size large’ hands. This is worth considering if you have smaller hands. Thinner carbon poles tend to bend or wobble under strain, but these are well-made, wider-diameter shafts that have held a shelter up in high winds without complaint. In use, they are well-balanced from handle to tip. The strap is fairly standard but made of soft fabric. In conclusion, there’s lot to recommend here, especially if you have big mitts 

Tested by David Lintern