Light windproof tops are often called windshirts, though they are usually really jackets or smocks. The Rohan Ether is actually a shirt though, with a stud-fastened front and cuff s and a shirt collar. Also unusual is the fabric, a fast drying and wicking hollow core polypropylene, a material more usually found in base layers. This fabric is also very soft but not fully windproof – Rohan describes it as “highly wind-resistant”. On windy summer days I’ve found it adequate but it’s not an outer layer for winter storms. In fact it’s really a more wind-resistant hiking shirt rather than a windproof top. I can wear it over a light fl eece but it feels wrong and I’d be more likely to wear it under the fleece. The plain hem means it’s comfortable tucked into trousers. The collar has a hidden stud and fl ap so it can be held up to close off the neck. The pocket won’t take a map but is roomy enough for GPS, phone and similar items. The stud-fastened cuff s mean the sleeves can be easily ventilated and rolled up.