Lizzie Bryan says: “THIS IS A crop top as opposed to a sports bra and is highly elasticated which makes it difficult to get on. I tested a SM/D which would be correct for my size. The band around my back fitted well but the rest of the crop top didn’t feel big enough for my bust and as a result I was constantly falling out of the front and sides. It isn’t adjustable in any way. Until I started strenuous exercise this bra was comfortable but after any jumping or stretching I kept having to put myself back in which was distracting and annoying. I wouldn’t recommend this bra for any activity higher than a low impact. There just isn’t enough coverage or room for adjustment with bigger boobs.”

Judy Armstrong says: “I AM A fan of X-Bionic in base layers, and the bra is a logical extension. But I found my SM/A a fight to put on, with not enough support despite “FORT-X Support: the X-shaped construction [that] optimally stabilises breast tissue.” The fabric itself works well, although the nylon (polyamide) is slow to dry compared with polyester. I found the cut uncomfortable: shoulder straps were very high against my neck which clashed with rucksack straps, and the high, tight cut around my arms chafed during even minimal activity. I appreciate the science behind the X-Bionic construction, but in bra terms, it didn’t work for me.”