A comfortable but chunky pair of trekking sandals

Teva make closed-toe sandals, but are pushing the Terra Fi 4 as their technical trekking sandal. It’s heavy and chunky, with little obvious toe or side protection. But it is comfortable: the footbed has grip and ‘give’ without being spongy. Outsole is aggressive with a shaped heel base and the pattern deals easily with dry, wet and rock. The nylon shank and PU midsole combination also add to underfoot stability. Strapping (lined) is Velcro-tab adjustable at heel, ankle and forefoot, with the straps anchored inboard on the footbed to give better security. A small heel lip protects the back and a slight toe tip offers some front protection; sides are open but still offer a degree of protection. If you are a confident sandal wearer and are going to wear, not carry, these give all-day comfort even under a load. But they don’t feel dextrous, the weight is noticeable, and as a starter-sandal for trekking there may not be enough in the way of protection.

First published: Spring 2014