The Chrysalis 3 has a couple of innovations that distinguish it from most bags. First is an expansion panel so you can have a roomier bag for more comfort and a close-fitting bag for better warmth retention. When the panel is closed it forms a thick baffle that protects the main zip. This is a versatile system if the bag will be used in a wide range of temperatures. However having two full-length zips adds weight. This is a heavy bag anyway, as synthetic bags with sub zero temperature ratings usually are. It’s quite bulky when packed too. 

That said, the cost is low and the bag is comfortable with a good hood and boxed foot. The fill is soft, as is the shell fabric, and it drapes quite well round the body. The other innovation is a tiny LED light sewn into a pocket on the top of the hood. This is useful if you can find it in the dark but it can switch on accidentally if you roll onto it.

Like other synthetic bags the Chrysalis 3 will dry quicker than down and be warmer when damp. I’d still choose down first but if cost is a factor you won’t find a down bag worth buying anywhere near this price.

First published: July 2013