The Skogstad Gullkop is a fairly typical Primaloft jacket with opposite performance characteristics to the Patagonia Nano Air in that it’s fully windproof but not that breathable. It’s kept out bitter winds in sub-zero temperatures but I found that once out of the wind I started to overheat in it fairly quickly. I suspect that this is due to PU coating on the shell as well as the tightly woven fabric. The shell crackles too, which I think is also because of the coating. The garment is quite water-resistant, though not waterproof. I’d rather have more breathability. Warmth is equivalent to a heavyweight fleece and windproof jacket combination so this is a good jacket in all but extreme cold. There’s no hood but the high collar is thick and warm. The lower pockets are just usable when wearing a hipbelt though the bottoms are cut off. The fit is quite roomy with the medium easily fitting over a lightweight fleece. The weight is reasonable and the price low. I wouldn’t choose this for doing much walking in but for a jacket to chuck in the pack to wear at rest stops or in camp it’s fine.