Find out how the Sealskinz Women’s Waterproof All-Weather Lightweight Glove performed in Judy Armstrong’s review of the best year-round gloves

The Sealskinz Women’s Waterproof All-Weather Lightweight Glove is a truly versatile glove from British brand Sealskinz. They’ve been keeping our extremities warm and dry for 25 years and are so confident in their ‘waterproof’ claims they offer a lifetime guarantee.

This Sealskinz Women’s Waterproof All-Weather Lightweight Glove is from their women’s range; in hindsight I should have gone to a Small (my hand is 7.5”, usually a Medium). The glove has a fairly tough outer, with a textured palm. This textured fabric has a fair amount of horizontal stretch and is used between the fingers and down to the thumb. It gives the close-fitting glove mobility and dexterity, which makes it both supple and grippy.

Fingers are a box construction, but without touchscreen compatibility. The gauntlet is quite deep – 5cm on a Women’s Medium – and close fitting without adjustment (Velcro tabs can create bulk), sliding neatly under a waterproof or softshell cuff.

Waterproofing worked a treat, breathability was good in that my hands never really got sweaty but the warmth provided was geared more towards spring and autumn, rather than winter. On a cold day in the Lake District (approx 0C) my fingertips felt the chill.

As with most gloves, the lining tends to displace with wet hands being pulled in and out (the narrow gauntlet can also be a challenge with damp hands) but it reseats quite easily. The close fit and dexterity meant they were also fantastic for mountain biking. Making them touch-screen friendly would be a bonus.

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