This pack from Osprey is designed specifically to carry winter equipment. There’s a 37-litre one that should appeal to day climbers and the like, but the 52-litre could be used for a winter camp.

What you need from winter backpacks is an efficient stowing system for the crampons, in particular ice axe and shovel. A fully-loaded Variant is a neat and tidy bag (is there anything more thrilling than loading a backpack with crampons). The crampons are held at the back in a pocket that’s reinforced against the spikes, but only at the back, so remember to point them outwards. There’s space either side for an axe or shovel that is easy and comfortable to use.

Another key component is the removable floating lid. Once gone a weatherproof flap comfortably acts as a lighter lid (it can also be used as extra weatherproofing under the lid) and once the hipbelt is moved, some 400g has been shed. The frame can be removed too. The back is particularly comfortable, and designed to shed snow as there are no vents for it to build up. I think time will tell if it will prove durable.

Price: £140
Weight: 1,600g