In the June 2016 issue of The Great Outdoors Chris Townsend tested a range of bags for spring to autumn. Here’s how he got in with Nordisk’s Oscar

Nordisk say the Oscar -2 is the world’s lightest three-season bag. It isn’t. It is very light but there are lighter down bags that are warmer and more truly three-season bags. I think a three-season bag should have a lower comfort rating than +4. You can’t easily increase the warmth by wearing many clothes in the bag either as it has a very narrow cut. So narrow in fact that I felt restricted and uncomfortable. This is a bag for those with a very slight build.

The narrow cut also presents a problem with the construction which sees 60% of the insulation in the top half and 40% in the bottom. Back sleepers won’t have a problem with this but if you turn on your side the bag turns with you and then the thinner base is against your back rather than under you. There’s no draft collar. The hood doesn’t fi t as neatly as the other bags tested and the drawcord bunches up in its channel. The tube behind the zip is narrow and thin.

For the weight the Oscar -2 is warm for a synthetic bag. If it feels comfortable it would make a good summer bag but it’s only suitable for mild spring and autumn nights (I’m writing this in mid-April – it was -2° outside last night). The price is high for a synthetic bag too.

Review published June 2016