This was the heaviest headtorch on test, but it didn’t stop Chris Townsend awarding it a ‘Best Buy’ 

The Intensity 220 is a powerful, low cost headtorch that performs well. The only disadvantage is the weight – this is the heaviest headtorch tested. The fairly large top button is quite easy to use with gloves on. There are two front LEDs, one white, one red and a sliding diffuser that can cover either LED to turn it from spot to flood. This is a simple system that works well.

The sequence of modes is also simple. A short press activates the white LED at its brightest setting. The light is dimmed by pressing again, once for a medium light, twice for a low light. A fourth press and the light flashes. A three-second initial press switches on the red light, a second press starts it flashing.

There’s a button on the side of the battery case for the rear red light. The battery pack and the lamp unit balance each other well and whilst the weight was noticeable I didn’t find the headtorch uncomfortable. The lamp pivots through almost 45º. The Intensity is water resistant and well-made. I can’t see any weak points in the construction.

If the weight doesn’t matter this headtorch is great value for money.