Chris Townsend rates these walking shoes. Find out why…

Given that I like lightweight mesh shoes and dislike ones with waterproof membranes why am I recommending these heavy, chunky, membrane-lined trail shoes? Two reasons. The first is that I think that waterproof shoes are best suited to cold weather and in cold weather I prefer thicker, warmer footwear. I don’t recommend these for summer but if you want stout shoes for winter walking they are excellent. The second is that if you have wide feet like me, Keen shoes fit really well. I find them really comfortable and these are the only shoes tested that never gave me any sore spots or pressure points. That makes up for a lot! Of course if you have narrow feet your feet will swim around in these.

The membrane is Keen’s own. It seems breathable as any other, which is to say that in warm weather my feet quickly get sweaty but in cool weather it takes much longer and in really cold weather they stay fairly dry.

The Durand Low have Keen’s typical sturdy look. These are not trail running shoes. The thick sole unit grips and cushions well. The footbeds are quite supportive and much better than most though not as good as Anatom’s. The uppers are mostly leather with just small patches of mesh. The toe and heel are rock solid.

The weight is high – these are the heaviest shoes tested. Some boots weigh less. The price isn’t low either, though it is less than for most shoes with waterproof linings.


Reviewed in August 2015 issue