Daniel Neilson reviews an exceptional pair of boots – but they’re not lightweight.

This review was first published in the September 2018 issue of The Great Outdoors.

With some boots, you can just sense the care and craftsmanship that have gone into their design and production. Hanwag’s, it should come as little surprise, are among those. These are the brand’s best-selling hiking boots, and for good reason, for as soon as you have them in your hand you know they’re going to be reliable. Trace your fingers over the nubuck upper and you just want to own them.

The good points: the lacing is easily the best of any boot here. The use of ball bearings makes tightening around the lower foot very easy and then on the fourth eyelet you can lock it with a clamp. The rest of the lacing is a doddle to get just right. New on these Tatra IIs is a ‘moisture-wicking’ footbed and cushioning. And they certainly feel comfortable walking for long periods (although not in the summer we’ve just had). They are a snug fit with not much wiggle room for the toes – great for mountaineering. The sole is extremely grippy – this is a manufacturer born in Bavaria and these can no doubt tackle the gnarly Alps with little problem.

There’s no doubt these are exceptional boots, but with one caveat: they are the heaviest on test, hence four stars. But I defy you to pick them up and not want a pair!