When I last reviewed mats three years ago I gave the Prolite Plus Small ‘Best Buy’. I haven’t changed my mind. This is the best mat reviewed for warmth, weight and cost. It’s suitable for year round use – I’ve slept on snow and frozen ground and felt no ground cold coming through. As well as lightweight – 60 grams lighter than it was due to a more tapered shape – it’s quite compact when rolled or folded. The foam is thicker than on most self-inflating mats which makes it more comfortable. The base is made from a ‘soft grip’ nylon that doesn’t slide about on slippery groundsheets while the upper is a matt ripstop polyester that stops your sleeping bag sliding around. As I said three years ago, it can’t be bettered if you want a single mat for year round backpacking.

I’m happy with the shortest version (but I am only 5’ 8”). If you want a longer mat the Regular size is 183cms long, weighs 620 grams and costs £100. The Large size is longer still at 196cms and also wider at 63cms. It weighs 850 grams and costs £115. There’s also a women’s version that is warmer (R-value 4.6) and which measures 168 x 51cm and weighs 580 grams. The cost is £100. Men who feel the cold might want to consider this mat!