With a number of unusual features the Lost Ranger is unlike any of the other bags we tested for the July 2013 issue. Firstly, it’s almost rectangular rather than mummy-shaped, which makes it very roomy and ideal for anyone who finds mummy bags restrictive. Next is the base, which has no insulation but just consists of a nylon sleeve for a sleeping mat. You need a full-length mat too as the fill in the hood and footbox only curl slightly under the bag. The mat should ideally be rectangular to ensure there are no cold spots at the sides. The construction of the bag is the Insotect Flow one, like the Rab Infinity, with vertical baffles and internal partial barriers. 

To add to all this the down has a water-repellent treatment and so should resist moisture far better than most down bags. 

The end result is a big, warm bag with plenty of room to move about inside. It does have a mummy-style hood but otherwise it’s more like a quilt than a sleeping bag. It’s certainly adequate for frosty nights even though it doesn’t have as much down or down with as high a fill power as many other bags. However all the down keeps you warm with none of it compressed under you. If, like me, you like to use a sleeping bag as a garment it’s not so easy with this design, though it can be done.

The weight is the highest of any of the down bags tested but that’s not surprising given the design. It’s not a bag for lightweight backpacking but for campers who want plenty of room in their sleeping bag it’s a good choice.

First published: July 2013