These are lovely winter trousers with a warm merino wool lining and a tough stretch nylon outer, reinforced at the seat, knees and ankles. Breathability is good, wind resistance okay, though really strong winds can cut through. They’re quite close-fitting but the high stretch plus shaped knees and a crotch gusset means there’s no restriction on movement. The reinforcement patches feel very rugged and these trousers should last well. There are zips at the ankle so the legs can be widened to fit over big boots plus internal friction elastic round the hems so they grip the tops of boots and don’t ride up. Unfortunately for me the legs are too long so when I wear them they bunch up above the ankles. Shortening them would be difficult.

For cold weather these are excellent trousers. There’s only one drawback: They are very expensive.

First published: Sept 2013