Petzl’s classic Tikka and Tikkina lamps have been around for many years. In 2022 the design has been revamped: the lamp has a wider, more contemporary design and a new hinge. The Tikkina is the entry-level model. It’s the simplest lamp tested, with only three modes: low, medium or high in a broad flood beam. There’s no red mode, strobe or battery indicator.

You just cycle through the three modes. A single press switches it off. If you like your head torch with minimal bells and whistles, this is the one to get.

It accepts either 3xAAA batteries (included) or Petzl’s micro USB Core rechargeable battery (not included). The battery compartment has been redesigned to be more water-resistant – it’s now sealed with a gasket. However, the new hinge, which now freely rotates, is in my opinion a step back: on my pre-production sample I found it stiff, and sometimes one or both lugs would jump out of their grooves (impossible to fix whilst wearing gloves). Petzl informs me that this should be fixed with production units, but I still think that the old hinge design was better.

Brightness is much better than the old model, and battery life is about the same – better on some settings with the optional Core battery. Battery life is fine for the intended use. This is a torch for backup summer use or close-range lighting around camp, with only occasional short spells of night walking. It fulfils that role efficiently and comfortably, at a truly excellent price.

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