As part of our review of warm-weather hiking hats, Lucy Wallace reviews this baseball cap-style hat from Outdoor Research. 

A baseball-style cap, with a good peak that shades the face from the sun, is the mainstay of
a hat collection. The basic design has been with us for decades. Surely there’s not much to add? Nevertheless, the Swift Cap makes a good stab at re-imagining what the perfect cap for bright, sunny days would look like. Designed for runners, who are moving ‘light and fast’, it’s actually brilliant for any activity where insulation is not required – and I found it cool and airy to wear.

The outer liner covers the crown of the head and is made of 100% Supplex nylon, which has a cool cotton-like feeling but is very quick- drying. This shell is rated UPF 50+, so provides really good protection from harmful UV rays.

The liner is mesh, which is super-breathable, and the design provides plenty of airflow between the shell and the mesh. There’s a good, stiff brim with a gentle curved shape, plus an absorbent and soft, wicking sweatband inside. The hat can be securely fitted and is adjustable with a slim buckle that doesn’t snag in long hair. I found it so comfortable that I quickly forgot I was wearing it. Lightweight and easily packable, it fits under a bike or climbing helmet, making it a very versatile hat.

The Swift Cap proves that it is possible to take a tried and tested shape, and with some clever tweaks, make it even better.

BEST BUY: This product has been awarded our ‘Best Buy’ endorsement, meaning our reviewer believes it to be one of the best items of its kind available.

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