As part of our May 2021 review of dehydrated backpacking meals, Alex Roddie reviews this offering from Expedition Foods. 

Expedition Foods offer a bewildering selection of meals, and for many of them you can choose either 450, 800 or a whopping 1,000 Kcal per pack (the latter is ideal for Himalayan or Arctic expedition use). I tested the 800 Kcal version of their Thai Green Chicken Curry with Rice, which gave the best calories/weight ratio of any meal tested.

The packaging offers a very convenient tear point about halfway down. This is so that you can open up the pouch for ease of eating after you’ve rehydrated the food – which means that you don’t necessarily need a long-handled spoon. Although instructions are mostly clear, curiously no rehydration time is specified; you just have to wait until you think it’s done. I found that 9 minutes was ample.

Both flavour and texture are very nice, with a light, fresh, spicy taste and moist chunks of chicken. The vegetables rehydrated without losing their texture, too. Although Expedition Foods emphasise the quality of their meals, there’s no public info about the provenance of the chicken or other ingredients. Salt is also higher than the other meals tested at 2.42g per pouch.

Though the price is high, value is good when you look at calories per pound, and flavour is excellent. This is a superb option if you’re looking for maximum energy.

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BEST BUY: This product has been awarded our ‘Best Buy’ endorsement, meaning our reviewer believes it to be one of the best items of its kind available.