Craghoppers top-of-the-range Gore-Tex jacket is an okay jacket with some good features. It’s a lined garment, with mesh in the body and solid fabric in the hood and sleeves, which makes it warmer than single layer ones and also adds to the weight. And this is a heavy jacket; one to wear all day rather than carry in the pack. I wouldn’t choose it for summer either but it should be fine in winter storms.

The outer fabric has a four-way stretch, as does the mesh lining but not the solid one. I guess for scrambling or technical climbing stretch fabric might be useful – though this isn’t really designed for those activities. I’ve not found any advantage for hillwalking.

The Reiko waterproof jacket has excellent pockets. The chest ones are huge and positioned above a pack hipbelt. The hood gives good protection and moves with the head. The peak could be stiffer though, as it does deform a little in very strong winds.

Not a bad jacket but there are lighter alternatives that perform at least as well.